Satanovsky commented on Erdogan's policy in Syria:

there is No doubt that the loss of Turkey in the operation in Syria will grow, said the political scientist, the President of scientific centre “Institute of the Middle East” Yevgeny Satanovsky. Due to the ongoing anti-Russian sentiment in Turkey will only grow. So Satanovsky would encourage the Russians not to travel to Turkey on vacation. “Kill, if that, without any coronavirus,” notes the analyst.

Syrian-Turkish armed confrontation started by the fault of the Turkish President Erdogan, considers Satanovsky. Erdogan howl in Libya on the side of the weak ally. His relationship with Cyprus escalated in Syria and Iraq as it is fighting against Assad and the Kurds. “Brave to madness people. Napoleon, and so had not fought,” – said Satanovskiy.

the Expert admits that Erdogan fancies himself a Suleiman the Magnificent. Although it can be much more prosaic — Ankara simply decided to use the old recipe: to start a war in the economic crisis and the precarious domestic situation. Need to wait and watch to understand the ending, summed up the expert on the Middle East.