10 years ago, an ambitious project was born on the third floor of the SAT (Society of Technological Arts): the Culinary Lab. Initially, the chef duo Michelle Marek (Gia vin

Over the years, many chefs have succeeded one another – Adrien Renaud, Timothé Vielaju, Virginie Picard -, then finally the talented Émilie Bégin, seen on the show Les chefs! This year.

But now, the SAT announced that this was the end of the adventure, a decision which was necessary with the renovations currently underway at the SAT.

A final festive evening will take place on Monday October 23 during an Art event

The place’s sommelier, Kim Urbain, will offer her selection of natural wines while the chef will revisit the different dishes that have marked the restaurant’s history. As for what’s next, the organization has announced an “exciting” project, another restaurant which will be born in this location next year, and details of which will be revealed soon.