Russian theater and film actor Sergei Bezrukov on his page on Instagram showed archival photos from the shooting of TV crime series “Brigada”.

As told by the artist published in social networks video, he looked into the archives and found a photo album of 2000-2002, when you were shooting the series.

“All the fans “Brigade” is dedicated. I went through the old photos…I found this…from the set,” wrote in the caption to the publication of a 46-year-old actor.

the photographs depict Bezrukov, who played Sasha White, and his colleagues on the series: Dmitry Dyuzhev (Space), Vladimir Vdovichenkov (Phil), Paul Mike (Bee) and others.

“”Brigade”, the one and only. 15 episodes, was no more. Great movie” — with a nostalgia said Bezrukov while viewing the photo album.

Publication of Sergei Bezrukov (@s_bezrukov) 2 Jul 2020 12:16 PDT

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