Peru has been one of the most difficult places to return home from. Rekordflyvning brings 200 danes home.

nearly 200 Danish citizens on Friday morning returned home with special flights from Peru, where they were stranded, because the country is shut down because of the corona virus.

the Plane took off from the capital city Lima, with a total of 285 passengers. Peru has been one of the most difficult places to return home from for Danish and european citizens on the basis of the closing of the infrastructure, aircraft and a curfew.

Still, the danes stranded out in the world. You are not forgotten, writes minister for foreign affairs Jeppe Kofod on Twitter.

He has previously called this particular særflyvning for the most complicated, which is carried out in connection with the outbreak of the coronavirus. There were also swedes and norwegians on board the plane.

on the Night of Thursday flew an Airbus A350-900 from SAS from Copenhagen to the capital of Peru. It was the longest flight ever in the airline’s SAS’ history without stop, with about 11,000 kilometres in the air.

It is about 3700 kilometres longer than the longest normalrute.

It was in advance reported out that one anticipated a flying time of about 14 hours and 20 minutes.

the Passengers have even paid for your ticket. The cheapest would have cost about 7500 dollars.

Because Peru has shut down all internal transport and infrastructure, has been arranged buskonvojer from both northern and southern Peru in order to transport the passengers to the airport in Lima.

It has called both the police escorts and special passes to all the passengers in order to get it to succeed.

Denmark does not have an embassy in Peru. Therefore, the nordic embassies in Lima played an important role in helping passengers arrive to Lima and on to the airport.

The returning danes are strongly encouraged to stay at home in 14 days. Because of the risk of infection, families and caregivers urged not to kiss and cuddle.

the Majority of the danes have been registered in the ministry of foreign affairs krisedatabase as stranded in Peru, is now returned home. However, it is not all.