SARS and flu: the doctors are promising a new peak

According to the forecasts of physicians, the decline in incidence yet is not worth waiting. It often happens that the peak is in the off-season when the long-awaited sun is still in no hurry to please us with its rays. Let this winter was abnormally warm in almost all regions of the country, but the frequent transition “in 0” is a perfect ground for the development of all kinds of viruses. This period should be approached responsibly towards their health for a long time not to fall out of life, not to leave unfinished job and not hard to catch up with the school program.

the Advice is typical, but they may help to avoid major trouble. Avoid hypothermia, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, refrain from visiting places with a large crowd of people.

“If you’re still ill, in any case, you need to go to the doctor and not to self-medicate, says the main infectious diseases of the Ural Federal district Alabi Sabitov. But if it’s a viral infection in mild form, it may not require drug therapy. There are now many drugs that are directly on the virus does not affect, but enhance the protection of the human body. These include various drugs that affect the immune response, for example, Alferon and the like. Unlike drugs, directly affecting the virus, they are not characterized by the development of drug resistance — resistance. These can be recommended even when the person suffers from chronic diseases. This is especially true for respiratory diseases, of the same bronchial asthma. These people will automatically fall into the risk group, any SARS does not pass them by, and the disease is hard.”

unfortunately, the flu and SARS is a common problem all over the world. On the consolidated information of the research Institute of influenza to them.And.And.Smorodintseva — now in many parts of the world there is approximately a similar situation. In Europe in 3 countries (Greece, Luxembourg, Slovenia) recorded a very high incidence of influenza in 5 countriesAh (Austria, Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia) — high, and in 14 countries — is average. In Canada and the USA noted the prevalence of the virus. And only in the very South of the country can now boast of more moderate epidemiological situation.