eight months Ago, Sarah Lombardi (26) and her boyfriend Roberto Ostuni made their relationship public. Now all is over, such as “Colorful”. Sarah posted previously, and a couple pictures and Roberto is no longer supported by his famous girlfriend Online.

Now Fans want to have a further indication of a separation found. Roberto should sell off Sarah’s clothes online, such as “Boule reported to be true.” As part of a contest posted Roberto online a black fur-lined leather jacket that he wanted to give away. His Followers were quick to secure the jacket belongs to Sarah. And Robert wool to hurt his Ex-girlfriend in this way, simply and merely.

“The jacket is new and has anyone heard”

The post has since been deleted. And Robert felt compelled to post an explanation. “Yesterday was a pure lottery, or a sweepstakes,” he wrote on Instagram. Neither auction, nor anything else. The jacket is new and has no one heard of.” He says: “will be Sold here for nothing.”

Sarah Lombardi says for the separation: “I’m trying to make the Best of it. I’m not so quick to get to you.” Professionally, it runs around for the singer, who just won the show “Dancing on Ice”. Sarah admits that it is running in the Job is better than private. And she reveals: “I want a sibling for Alessio.” (paf)