two days Ago Heidi Klum (46) provided with a very special gift from her husband Tom Kaulitz (30) for excitement. The Tokio-Hotel-singer gave his sweetheart a piece of the Berlin wall. The criticism was huge, from megalomania up to the political Statements has accused the two of them all. Now, the critics get support from the celebrity page. TV presenter and author Sarah Kuttner (40) condemns the actions of the two on Twitter.

your Anger makes you with this first Tweet: “So. Tom has given Heidi so a piece of the Berlin wall. So a whole section of it! What’s next? A small country?”

“At this wall, cried, was on patrol, shot and died,”

In a second Tweet, it shows your followers with a Screenshot of the said wall, and makes it clear that you think that’s somehow wrong.

pissed she is obviously still, because you released the following Tweet:

From your followers, you get immediate support. One writes: “just as I thought, too. The wall pieces are memorials in museums (like the world), but not as a decoration in the front yard. But I’m also picky …”

Contrary to the opinion of the majority, it has also isolated comments that speak to the gift: “hundreds of thousands have worried, however, since the fall of the wall a piece of it, as a Symbol of a historic liberation act. And anyway, what shall we say then about the Christian cross?”

Kuttner hails from East Berlin

If you know where Sarah Kuttner comes, you can understand your reaction a little better. The presenter grew up, even in East Berlin and spent the first ten years of your life behind the wall. (bsn)