Sarah Jessica Parker

Coming out of isolation, 55-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as all those who got bored by the sun, the sea and the ocean, rushed to the beach last weekend, the star of the show “Sex in the city”, along with his 58-year-old husband Matthew Broderick went to the Hamptons.

On the beach the actress appeared in a black one piece bathing suit, and the waist tied white shirt.

the Actress, who in the childhood was engaged in ballet and now include it in their training, once again delighted fans with his chiseled and toned figure. Network write that it looks amazing, and its form can be the envy of many.

Interestingly, the actress is not a fan of the sport and not spent in the gym for several hours.

I train a total of 22 minutes, because that’s all I can handle.

she said.

And this form she is able to maintain because of their love for walking. She noted that every day is 10K steps, taking the kids to school, doing their business and going to meetings.

Also, I live in a house with four flights of stairs,

— said Sarah Jessica.