Actually, Sara Leutenegger (25) should samples currently rehearsing for the SRF-dance show “Shall we dance?”, however, because of the Coronavirus, the broadcast has been postponed until Further notice. Whether the Influencerin for the TV show will ever slip again into the dancing shoes, is uncertain.

Now, she spends the majority of their time in a 4.5-room apartment in Zurich. “Otherwise, I’m always out and about, on trips and at Events, which has now been cancelled, of course, everything,” she says. “Now it means to be creative and to produce from home, the pictures and Videos.” Alone, you do not need to spend the time after all: her husband, Lorenzo Leutenegger (35), the first Swiss Bachelor’s degree, is currently working from home. While his successors consciously seek the Public holds, and is working on his professional future.

In the home furnishings, it was important to keep everything simple. “We find that Less is more,” says Sara. Nevertheless it was important to her that everything is one thing above all: comfortable and cozy.

bed as a place to relax

it is also your favorite place in your apartment: your double bed. “I squat down and sleep right there, very happy,” she says with a Laugh. “I often work with the Laptop on the Lap in bed.”

For your large apartment, the two actually have a cleaning lady. “But because of the Coronavirus, they do not come over at the moment, and we must, on the bags,” says the former “Germany’s Next Topmodel”candidate. As you want to talk about it, what must you take now in attack, it interrupts Lorenzo: “I’ll do it!” Sara replied with a Laugh: “Because I’m so sure of it.” But she adds immediately that Lorenzo is helping quite fair in the household. He care’s more about vacuuming and Ironing, while you take care of the bathroom.