Sara Bridge tells that she in her life has higet after a constellation with two children and a marriage.

in Fact, she was in doubt whether she ever would have children.

“sometimes I get really provoked by that there is only one real way you can be lovers on the. I thrived not very good to be in such a marriage with two children. I had a hard time of it,” she says to the ‘Alt for damerne’ and elaborates:

“And it’s also insanely tabuiseret to say. It has never been a dream for me to be married and have two children. Never. I was, until I had children, unsure about whether I should have children.”

She talks about how she has to be a parent. She stresses that she in no ways love to make all of the practical things as that come with the task.

in Addition, she has curling-parents suspected in order to pretend that their children can not do without them to fill a need in themselves.

She is trying to teach his two children, it is also not fun for her to be the one who stands for the whole. In her home, her children, 12-year-old Fritz and the 9-year-old Miriam, help.

The 45-year-old radio host has recently been engaged to his girlfriend, as she proposed marriage to while they were out and travel.

the Couple had traveled to Costa Rica, and asked Sara Bridge of her boyfriend, Lasse Lund if he would marry her.

‘once again, Sara has blown me completely backwards! This time in the 45-meter height on a suspension bridge in Costa Rica – with a ring in bæltetasken,’ wrote the happy Grove in the beginning of this year.

‘the Decade are now shot in time at the most amazing crazy way, and I have honestly not been so surprised and happy, since I, as a 15-year-old got my own desktop gamer computer in nonfirmationsgave.’

Sara Bridge has its two children, together with eksmanden Asger Schønheyder.