Sands: the Kremlin analyze the plan of the trump and we are waiting for information from Netanyahu

the Kremlin continues to analyze is represented by the President of the United States Donald trump a plan for a peaceful Palestinian-Israeli settlement. This was reported by press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

He recalled that on Thursday held a meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, and “information comes first hand”.

in the meantime, Sands stated that the plan received the full endorsement of Israel was supported by a number of other States, but met with categorical rejection of the Palestinians. He also stressed that Russia continues to remain a responsible actor in the middle East, “five”, reports TASS.

“If necessary, Russia is ready to continue to exert all efforts to do her utmost to achieve a viable peace in the middle East”, — concluded the representative of the Kremlin.

Earlier Donald trump at a joint press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu declared key provisions of the so-called deal of the century. By its terms, Palestine will double its territory, and its capital will be East Jerusalem. Gaza and the West Bank of the Jordan river is proposed to link the high-speed transport links. “Undivided capital” of Israel will be all of Jerusalem. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said that this Treaty is unacceptable.