Sands pre purchased masks and sanitizers

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that in advance bought masks and sanitizer for his family. About it write “Arguments and facts”.

According to Peskov, insider information about the deficit he was not, but he guessed about the developments, analyzing global trends.

“We in the Kremlin issue, but my wife and I are still in the beginning bought in pharmacies and on the Internet quite a lot of masks. That is, Zatar” – he said.

As reported by the Rambler, at the end of January on the news about the coronavirus sales of medical masks in Russia has increased 13 times.

Later in the Kursk region of the mask has risen 35-fold, from one ruble per share to 35 roubles, in Dagestan, the antitrust agencies have recorded a price increase by 650 percent in most pharmacies of Moscow and Moscow region to February 5, mask over, and in some regions even bought construction respirators.