Sands has announced a new Putins speech on the situation of COVID 19

the Kremlin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, on Sunday, April 26, the TV channel “Russia 1” said that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin can speak next week with new statements on the situation with coronavirus.

“I think this week we’ll hear the new statements from the head of state with assessments of our prospects” — leads TASS words Peskov.

a Few days ago, Peskov told reporters that the government and the President have another week to decide on the need to extend the regime of self-isolation due coronaviruses.

Vladimir Putin addressed the nation three times on the situation of coronavirus infection. The first performance was on March 25. Then the Russian leader announced the introduction of a non-working week with preservation of wages. In addition, it is suggested to introduce several economic and social measures that should help the population in a pandemic.

Later, on 2 April, the President spoke again, and said days off shall be extended until the end of the month to minimize the effects from the spread of coronavirus and to reduce the number infected. This appeal was preceded by the introduction in the Moscow region the introduction of the regime of self-isolation, which is valid in the regions by March 29.

on April 15, Putin made a presentation of a set of economic measures to support entrepreneurs and improve the financial sector of the country.

as of 26 April recorded 80 949 cases of infection with coronavirus infection. Since the beginning of the epidemic 747 people died, 6767 recovered.