“racing for a Million … if you can”: a new TV Show on ProSieben is in the prominent hard to fight for the victory. In the Action programme, the participants must race as quickly as possible through an obstacle course to get to a suitcase full of money. For Ex-Bobpilotin and Ex-jungle camp-Participant Sandra kiriasis and her (44) went to the consignment concept to the eye – quite literally.

the eye of the Olympic champion was, in fact, in recent weeks soared, after they crashed during the filming of hard. “When Crossing a rotating roller I’ve slipped,” says kiriasis and her “image”. “While I’m like, I just thought: “Shit …”! Unfortunately, it has crashed and then I had my own knee to the head. And pretty quickly I got a giant Horn above the eyebrow.”

“I had also never broken”

Fortunately, after immediate medical care and a trip to the hospital soon, that you are nothing. A thick Violet went to the Athlete yet. No wonder: The disastrous roll was three meters in height. “I never had – over 20 years of high-performance sport, but this is something I had not yet. Otherwise, I had a helmet.”

In the case of “race to a Million …”, however, is not. ProSieben sees no error in himself, as the transmitter can, on request, the newspaper said. “Thank you to the rescue Team. Just seconds after her fall, Sandra kiriasis and her was cared for medically.”

And, fortunately, is really happening, nothing is worse. Kiriasis and her going now is better. “After nearly three weeks, the bruise was gone. It shimmered in all colors. Over the Brow, I still have a swelling, but otherwise I’m all right,” says the Bobpilotin. “In the Show I would compete again, but this rolling mill does not have to be again.” (klm)