eight years Ago by the German Samuel Koch (31) broke during a Stunt in the TV show “Wetten, dass..?” four times in the Neck. He wanted to jump with jumping stilts on a car. Since the accident, Koch is paralyzed from the neck down in cross-sectional.

a few days Ago, a photo created quite a stir – “image” was a picture of a chef, as he leans on a wall and without any aid on his own legs is.

It was a “Floor balancing act”

a cook who works now as an actor is expressed, even to the host and apologized. The photo conveyed a false impression. On Instagram, he writes: “On this picture you can see me and my brother to the wall. He is now the best physiotherapist that I have. I also put in my daily elective program of Training to keep my body not only to maintain, but also to fit, smooth and stable, is probably such a Stand-up balancing act possible.”

Further it says: “However, it is, admittedly, looks masses, after a little more than it actually is.” His knees straightened, be (like a sleeping horse) ends. And on the other, this “wobbly matter is assumed to be” only because of a very large Trust to his brother. “With him I know that he would dive in the event of a case fast enough to catch me before I swatter on the floor.”

Samuel Koch apologizes for the image

His Followers, asks Koch to excuse me if the photo had made false hopes. “Please excuse me, if this reckless in the Public’s troubled image has miss awakened understandable impressions.”

The cook’s Followers, however, see otherwise. Such a comment is: “It is an absolute maximum performance and should not be spoken in any way by the explanations or excuses small.” Another User writes: “Impressively, the Video shows your positive attitude to life and your strong will be your destiny to oppose.” And another user can find: “fighter’s heart.” (paf)