Samsung Galaxy S10e vs. Huawei P30: This device is cheaper

To date, the Samsung has when compared to, by a nose. The Canary yellow device’s mobile for 622 francs. The normal P30 in Black and cost from the cheapest supplier, tech, 678.80 francs.

Huawei has here the disadvantage that the device came a month later on the market and therefore almost all of the providers, around 50 Swiss francs is more expensive. Originally, it was Vice versa: The Samsung cost 779 Swiss francs, the Huawei 749 francs.

In comparison to the respective Top S10 Plus and P30 Pro saves the Samsung, by the way, around 270 francs, at Huawei just over 300 Swiss francs. The first point is catching because of the cheaper price but Samsung.

This design works out better for you

Both of these stripped-down devices are processed as high quality as the more expensive sister models. Glass back, metal frame, high-resolution Oled Screen, everything is available for less money. However, the manufacturers have skimped in Size. The Top model Galaxy S10, Plus has a 6.4-inch screen, the S10e only one with 5.8 inches. In the case of Huawei, you lose a little less surface area, was reduced from 6,47 to 6.1 inches.

otherwise, the P30 is a little closer to the flagship: The case edges are a little less visible, the Design looks a bit round. And in the case of the Display resolution, the P30 offers the same quality as the Pro model. In addition, the Huawei Screen looks in direct comparison a bit brighter.

In the case of the test devices, the yellow back of the Samsung stands out of course in the eye, but also Huawei offers colorful variants, with a very nice color gradient. So the point is, overall, quite close to Huawei, both models offer but quality at the Top level.

Who slimmed down with the equipment more

Again, both models are quite close to each other – and, above all, very close to the more expensive variants. So both have incorporated the best processor from the manufacturer, each with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, which is additionally expandable. Both offer Dual-SIM and a headphone port.

The differences are in the Detail observed. As Huawei relies on a modern fingerprint Scanner below the Display, Samsung only on a conventional page. The Galaxy can download S10e wireless and it has a better protection against water and dust.

logically, it remains in this range during the draw.

Both mobile phones hold out well, but a better

Both devices have smaller batteries than their bigger brothers – but thanks to the smaller Screens are also more economical. Thus, each easily even with intensive use through the day.

In the Test, we found the two counterparties, but it is quite a difference. The Huawei P30 with 3650 mAh more battery power than the Galaxy S10e with 3100 mAh, in everyday life, you realize that too.

And the two measurements confirm the impression: After a night in Standby, the Huawei at 98 percent, Samsung at 94 percent. Even more significant: After three hours of Youtube Video with full brightness, the P30 still have 86 percent battery life percentage, the Samsung only 76. Therefore, the point goes to Huawei.

An operating system can be more convincing than the other

Both Samsung as well as Huawei put Android P and a surface above it. This Skin is in almost all the major manufacturers of Standard – and of course, always a matter of taste. So Huawei’s Emui recall, for example, to Apple’s iOS.

Samsung has slimmed down the new One UI in a positive sense and is closer to the pure Android. This brings some advantages. So is the Samsung faster on the road. Everything seems a little smoother and slimmer. Only in the case of the gesture control Huawei has the nose front. Therefore, there is a point for Samsung.

The camera, the duel

Also decides in this category, there is a close race. In the case of two devices, a Top Sensor is used. In good light the photos are top notch. The Samsung emphasizes the colors a little stronger – as we all know from other models. The Huawei pictures are paler, but also more natural.

Even with more difficult situations both phones do just fine. Differences there are in the Details. So the S10e shooting conditions, more beautiful Selfies in moderate-good light. The P30, however convincing, if you want items with Depth-of-field photographing. Both Phones have a wide angle lens, with which you can take casual shots with a different perspective.

However, the Huawei has two advantages. First of all, the P30 has an excellent night mode. Without special setting, there is visible advantages in comparison to Samsung, with the night mode, the S10e has no Chance.

Secondly, Huawei offers a third lens, an optical Triple Zoom, the makes also with a five-fold or ten-fold magnification usable photos.

An ultra-narrow victory by Huawei over Samsung in a duel to the stripped-down flagships. However, the two devices are high so close to each other that makes you both a good purchase. The P30 may be a bit more versatile, the S10e is a bit cheaper.

For the customers is something else gratifying, and should prepare the manufacturers to Ensure the quality of The 600 to 700 francs for cheap devices is so good that there is almost no reason to buy the 200 francs more expensive top diesel and gasoline units. Especially if you don’t need the larger screen.