Automotive Researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (mit), and the Samsung R&D Institute in Japan last week, the results of the study revealed that it is a huge potential for demonstration of Samsung’s new generation of solid-state batteries.

We’ve known for some time now that the breakthrough of electric cars is not the only state with a lower cost, but also in their day to day use. Over the past few years, thankfully, been a lot of progress in terms of technology, although many experts have in the direction of the solid-state battery with a solid instead of a liquid electrolyte, editor’s note) in order to have a large electrical breakthrough.

solid-state batteries from us, on paper, have a significantly longer life and faster page load times and can cause, whether they turn out to be still less reliable than conventional lithium-ion batteries. This is because there are so-called dendrites are being deposited during the charging process, that, over time, may cause short-circuit and over-heating.