Samsung has shipped the first million innovative memory

Samsung reported shipments to its customers 10-nanometer memory modules DDR4 DRAM produced using lithography in the hard ultraviolet (EUV). The volume of the first market party chips on the basis of innovative process technology amounted to a million pieces.

Memory with EUV-lithography a new generation – an important step for the future of PCs and mobile devices. Samsung mastered the process technology allows to increase production and save time in the development of modules that it was very difficult to do with the old technology, and with it, reduce the defect rate.

However, the advent of the advanced RAM in computers and smartphones should not be expected. The Samsung preorienting all their lines on the EUV-only memory by next year, with mass production of faster DDR5 and LPDDR5 modules will be able to establish not earlier than 2021-th.

to Extend the application range EUV scanners are going and other major semiconductor manufacturers, including Intel and TSMC – one of the key suppliers of Apple. If Samsung took the active use of EUV-scanners in 2018, Intel hopes to release the first 7-nm products only by 2021.

Text: To.Hi-tech