Galaxy S20 sale start: Here there are the popular models at the best price

The new Galaxy S20 model range comes in many different variants on the market.

  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Plus
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra

in the models then differ more by the size of the internal Store and all of our models with 5G Modem or without or with 4G-Modem. We will give you an Overview of the prices of the entry-level models of each series and will also show you where you have the expensive Smartphones with a suitable mobile phone tariff, subsidized can get.

Reuters/Robert Günther/dpa-tmn Samsung for its Galaxy S10 series is a 5G-compatible variant.

Galaxy S20 compare prices

Best offer

The Galaxy S20 starts with an MSRP of 899 Euro in the sale – this is true for the model with 128 GB of internal memory and a 4G Modem.

Best offer

With 5G Modem the model starts at an MSRP of 999 euros, which will be quickly collected from the market.

Galaxy S20 with Tariff: click Here to view the FOCUS Online rate calculator

Galaxy S20 Plus 5G price comparison, Best deal on Best offer on

Galaxy S20+ 5G Price: click Here to view the FOCUS Online rate calculator

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G price comparison, Best deal on

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with Tariff: click Here to view the FOCUS Online rate calculator

In the case of the Test-expert from the CHIP the models Plus, Ultra, with Top cut off-notes, such as the comparison shows.

– CHIP-test results of the Galaxy S20 Plus (5G) and S20 Ultra in comparison


Galaxy-S20-models in the price decline: What do we expect

Although the Smartphones are quite fresh in the trade available, are circulating already, price forecasts, say, a relatively rapid price decline in advance.

It is not surprising that Samsung Fans are waiting for a better offer. The Samsung Galxy S20 starts at $ 899, the larger variant of the S20 Plus starts at 999 Euro. Who wants the High-End model, you must put proud 1.349 Euro on the (virtual) counter.

in order for the Galaxy S20 Ultra trumps even the most expensive model of the current 11. Generation of Apple, starts here, the Top 11 Per Max at € 1,249.

The Samsung Galaxy S20-series will probably fall within a few months in the price. The can also be from the price history of the predecessor models.

In General, Galaxy-Smartphones fall within the first three to four months, the most in price, in the past, shows a Saving of approximately 30 per cent after the first three months. Then, the costs remain relatively stable and there is only now and again in the course of special Offers to price fluctuations.

the Samsung Galaxy S20 , the beginning is still 899 euros within the first 3 months should be cheaper by about 200 euros. After three months, the price settles down to around 600 euros. A further fall in prices is expected by the end of the year. The background is not only a few months previously to be held at the end of Release 12 is expected. -Generation iPhone from Apple. The new iPhones will probably be presented also in 2020, again traditionally, in the course of a Keynote in September, and a little later in the trade. In order to stay in the Christmas business is competitive, they will adjust the prices of the S20 series further down. Then the S20 will also fall, for the first time under the 600 Euro limit.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus it expects a somewhat verhaltenerem price decline as in the case of the sibling devices. The slightly larger model, should be within the first month after the start of sales, more favorable, and after a month, for around 800 euros instead of 999 euros will be available. Then, the flagship Smartphone is gradually becoming cheaper and settles down after around five months after the Release at around 650 euros. After half a year, the costs probably again, and then move slightly above the price level of the Galaxy S20. Then the Smartphone should cost just a little more than 600 Euro.

the High-End model, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra , and should cost within the first two months after the Release of only just over 1,000 Euro and thus after only two months is already 300 Euro cheaper. Then, the Trend has developed, similar to the S20 Plus. After about three months the price should drop for the first time under 1,000 and then at around 900 Euro stabilize. Here, too, a Price is said for September break-in in advance. Then the Top model for a short time to be a little more than 800 euros. Then the prices will rise again.

As with the previous models, so you can count after about three months with a lower price and then a worthwhile Saving for the S20-dusting models.

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