The launch should have been in the spring, a celebrated Swiss Premiere. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was the first Smartphone with a foldable screen that should come on the market. However, the arguably premature and hasty Start was a Disaster. The first test devices of journalists were after a few days.

Some users were pulling incorrectly, a protective film, in the other, were embedded particles between the Screen and the hinge. Also, the test device of VIEW was affected. Samsung moved all of the Galaxy Fold again, suspended in the short term, the start of sales and cancelled pre-orders. In Zurich, the manufacturer had already set up a special Load for the folding mobile phones.

a little more expensive, but with a 5G

Then they heard nothing for a long time from the foldable phones. Also competitor Huawei postponed the market launch of its Mate X from the summer into the autumn. So the Galaxy is Fold, if it comes on the market, still, the first gets us a foldable phone.

From the age of 18. October, Samsung is now daring to make the second attempt. The Galaxy Fold is available in limited quantities at Swisscom, Sunrise, Salt, and a mobile zone. The price is 2100 Swiss francs and there are to only buy the Version with the 5G.

This is a 50 francs more than in the spring but there the same Version with the new mobile communications Standard, 5G. It is a pity that the two bright colours are liked from the product range, the Fold is only available in silver and Black.

finger-nail can Screen scratch

This Samsung has the folding mechanism is improved, the gaps between the screen and the hinge is closed and the protective film so bonded that you can no longer simply pull off the can and the screen is damaged.

Nevertheless, the Fold seems to be very sensitive. Two whole pages of warnings Samsung shall, in the US Version. So you must not push to hard on the Screen, the Fold is resistant neither water resistant nor Dust, and is allowed to attach any additional screen protection. Tests have shown that you can scratch the foldable Display with a finger nail.

Samsung also warns explicitly that you should press with the nail around the screen. No object may be clamped in the fold between the Smartphone.

of Course, the Smartphone is the Display debacle now under special observation. And there are also first reports of defects. So, the Tester of the Online magazine Techcrunch has after a day is already a screen issue. Also another User reported a Pixel error that occurred when first opened. Whether this is just the usual failure rate, the notice now due to a history of specifically, or whether the Galaxy Fold is really too delicate for everyday wear, that will show in the next few weeks. And also a Test of a VIEW.