Football legend Bernd Schuster does not believe that Robert Lewandowski will stay at Bayern Munich. The 1980 European champion sees parallels with the change from David Alaba.

Schuster believes in Lewandowski’s departure: Bernd Schuster is convinced that Robert Lewandowski will switch to FC Barcelona in the summer. That’s what the 62-year-old says in an interview reported by “Sport1”. The departure would be a great loss for Bayern, as Lewandowski is the “Benzema of Bavaria”.

Short, compact, clear

Parallels to Alaba change: According to Schuster, Bayern made the same mistake with Lewandowski as with David Alaba. He is also critical of his departure. Alaba moved from Bayern Munich to Real Madrid on a free transfer last summer.

Schuster knows Spanish football: Schuster played for a number of top Spanish clubs. Among other things, the “blonde angel” was under contract with FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid. In the meantime, he also worked as head coach at Real Madrid and became Spanish champion.