the regional election in the Central Italian Region of Umbria, on Sunday won the centre-Right under the leadership of the right-wing Lega party a clear victory. The center-Right candidate and Lega-Senator Donatella Tosei claimed, according to final election results, with 57 percent of the vote.

Five star movement loses more votes

Of the government parties, especially the Five-star movement heavy voice had to accept losses. Compared to the results of the EU election in may, half of the votes of the populist movement in the Region from 14 to 7 percent.

The social-democratic coalition partner, the Partito Democratico (PD) was the traditional left stronghold to 22 percent of the vote, the result was enough for a victory, the centre-left candidate for the post of regional President Vincenzo Bianconi. This had to settle for 37 percent of the vote.

The right-wing populist Lega nominated center-Right candidate, Donatella Tesei won with a big gap, with 57 percent of the vote.

Punishment for budget

The Italian government of Prime Giuseppe Conte recently had its budget plan for the coming year presented. This provides for tax increases, spending cuts and a more resolute fight against tax evasion, which is obviously arrived at by the voters in Umbria bad.

The Five-star movement, conceded defeat on election night. “It was clear from the beginning that we Govern in a coalition with other parties – it would be Lega or PD – voices cost. We don’t hunt but after voters consensus, it is our goal, our government program for Italy to enforce,” said the Five-star movement on Facebook.


The center-Right coalition in Umbria benefited from the high turnout. Approximately 64.4 percent of the 703’000 eligible voters, gave the elections on Sunday their ballot, almost nine percent more than in the last regional elections in Umbria in 2015.

“This is a victory of the centre-Right forces is striking. I celebrate the strong growth in the turnout,” said Salvini, who had traveled in the last few weeks, tirelessly election, passing through Umbria. The election result strengthens Salvini’s call for early parliamentary elections in Italy.

The social Democrats, who had ruled the Region in the past few years, pay a high price for a in the April outbreak of the scandal in the Umbrian health care. Several local politicians were arrested. The social democratic President of the Region was resigned, what is the way for early regional elections

For the non-party Prime Conte had led to the defeat of their parties in government is a cold shower. Before the election, he had already played as a precaution, the relevance of the elections in the small Central Italian Region. Of the election result for the future of the government depends in no way.

Salvini confident of victory

The Lega is the situation naturally different. “The days of the government of Giuseppe Conte are counted. The voters in Umbria have chosen in the name of 60 million Italians, and for the freedom to be decided,” said Northern League chief Matteo Salvini, the results of the election.

“Umbria has traditionally been considered the stronghold of the left forces. We have triumphed in their high castle. The voters of Umbria have given you a lesson in democracy, honesty and transparency,” says Salvini.

Not only the government parties suffered in the regional elections a setback. Of the voters, the right-wing Forza Italia, the four-times Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was punished. It crashed five percent of the vote. Most of the Ex-voters of Berlusconi moved as in the last elections, the Lega or the post-fascist party, Fratelli d’italia (brothers of Italy). (sda)