After the international recall of Kinder chocolate products, Ferrero wants to restart the factory in Arlon, Belgium, which was blamed for the salmonella outbreak. “We have requested a restart from June 13 in order to start production again as soon as possible,” Ferrero France boss Nicolas Neykov told the newspaper “Le Parisien” on Friday. A hygiene plan was presented to the Belgian authorities at the beginning of May.

A thousand employees are therefore busy preparing for the restart. 10,000 parts in the factory were dismantled and cleaned individually.

In April, Ferrero had to close the plant on official orders after an accumulation of salmonella infections linked to “children’s” products from the factory.

All Kinder Chocolate products manufactured and shipped in Arlon have been recalled. As Neykov said, it was more than 3,000 tons of products, and in the Easter business there was a 40 percent drop in sales. A filter in a tank at the Belgian factory was identified as the cause of the infection.

As the Ferrero boss said, raw materials should be kept completely by the rest of the factory in the future to prevent renewed hygiene problems. Employees should also pass through an airlock to prevent pathogens from entering the production process from outside. The company has been subjected to a wide range of checks and controls worldwide. In the future, half of the internal controls would also be carried out by external, certified laboratories.

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