Salma Hayek: I was walking in ways that seemed incomprehensible for the rest

In the film “Unelected road,” you played with Javier Bardem, as he as a partner?

Salma Hayek: I Have to confess I was terrified. One of the main reasons – if you’re friends with someone, but never worked together, do you know what happens on the set. And then you will need to communicate whatever happens. He’s like a relative, like my sister’s husband (Hayek and Penelope Cruz – Bardem’s wife – close friends – approx. “RG”.). That is, it can create discomfort and tension – you may have workers differences, and there is a risk that they will enter the personal. For me to play Dolores – conflict this character is meant to completely abandon myself and become someone else, someone with me has nothing to do with her memories, with her life. And Javier is a close friend, part of my life, my family for many years. And how can I “deny” myself when he’s around and constantly reminded of the real me? And on set there was something very strange and beautiful at the same time. We rehearsed a lot and talked about our roles and when we arrived at the site, then on the first day, not saying a word, stopped a friendly relationship. We started the other two relationships. First Diego and Dolores. Second actor and actress. As if we’ve never met before. And it was very professional. We never talked about our life in the Playground wasn’t kidding, not only remembered us one simple things and moments. Keep your distance. We communicated and helped each other only as colleagues, and had a lot of joint work. At the request of the Director Sally Potter, I sometimes would improvise, and Javier didn’t know about it in advance. And only after everything is filmed, we smiled at each other and resumed our close friendship at the same time.

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Film “Unelected roads” made you think about the roles that you played?

Salma Hayek: I Think so. But in my case I was very lucky. I walked in ways that seemed incomprehensible to everyone else, even stupid and illogical. For example, left a successful career and prosperous life in Mexico and came to Los Angeles, trying to reach something. But there was nothing. My career did not exist. But now I look at this path and think about how right it was. And me has managed to conceive? (laughs). I don’t know why, as I dared. There is some mathematical calculation rather an instinct.

And on the paths that you choose, for example, in your personal life?

Salma Hayek: I was able to marry other men – I had offers from very worthy candidates. I don’t know why I didn’t married before. I waited a long time, and there was this man, with whom we lived on different continents. It seemed that there was no point to continue… But it is 14 years old. I started to produce movies, became an activist of women’s movement when such looked down. Now it is the norm, but then nobody seriously took your words. My husband started a Foundation for women more than 10 years ago. He was a pioneer in this. And we said, you of luxury, but it’s not chic, unless you are doing something specific.

Salma in the film, we see you practicing the Mexican rituals that support the age-old tradition, but in life you keep to certain rituals and traditions?

Salma Hayek: Yes, much. This is especially necessary and important if you have children. In my family, for example, has traditionally been accepted to play the othersHS friend. With Francois it is not. My father and brother taught my daughter to draw, but I know that sadly many of them don’t work now because of new technologies. You can no longer play the family by phone – they all have caller ID and they know who is calling. There are special culinary traditions for the different holidays. One of these ancient traditions in Mexico, mordida. In your birthday, after they sang “Happy Birthday” three times, shouting мordida. This means to eat a piece of cake, and someone from behind pushes the birthday face in the cake.

the Film “Frida” brought Salma Hayek was nominated for “Oscar”. Photo: REUTERS

Speaking of tradition, you are somehow connected with his Lebanese roots?

Salma Hayek: Yes, it’s from my father. He was in Mexico many years ago. My favorite Lebanese tradition of food (laughs). I love kibbeh. (Levantine dish of patties of bulgur, minced meat with spices and chopped onions. – Approx. ed.) I love it when it’s raw, but this is now hard to find.

You played Zajac in the upcoming movie based on the comic book “Perpetual,” directed by Chloe Zhao. Told that it happens like this: two days of filming, then two weeks break. Must be so hard?

Salma Hayek: Yes, we rented “Eternal” forever (laughs). (Out 25th film universe of “marvel” is scheduled for the end of 2020. – approx. “RG”), And there were breaks between filming. Yes, I worked on a couple of days, then a two-week break. And when I was there on the set, it wasn’t easy – every time you immerse yourself in a role, to the appropriate state. But I did a very smart thing – you decorated my trailer. Very seriously came to this. It was my magical place where everything made sense and reminded me of my heroine Ajak, and it really helped me to grow into the role. Because large breaks in filming don’t give you rivet in the same state. Just like if you come to the set of the film, which is already in full swing is removed, and it has its own dynamics, and you need to fit into this rhythm, and this film.

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do You find any difference between men and women Directors?

Salma Hayek: Yes. The Director is forced to double check everything she does. And this is not myth. Even after the film is already out – the attitude is different. From my experience women Directors with whom I worked, more men are interested in unlocking the character. For example, Chloe Zhao – Director of “Eternal” – she is wonderful and very methodical and attentive to detail. Maybe because she’s from China? (Laughs)

are There any changes in the industry, in connection with the movement #metoo. Previously talk about this was impossible. And now? Has it become easier?

Salma Hayek: Think this movement has changed a lot. Twenty years ago I, as producer, had to defend his choice by female Directors. It was the movie “Frida” Director Julie Taymor. But there are difficulties – there is still much to do in this direction. For example, I learned today that many publications believe that Sally Potter’s film “Unelected roads” was a kind of therapy about his brother (the film to some extent for the Director – autobiographical – her brother suffered from dementia, and hero Javier Bardem. – Approx. ed.). If there were a male Director, they would say: what personal movie! Most critics do not say about some special moments of the film, they criticize the Director because heand made something understandable only to her. If it was a man, shouted: “Bravo!”. He wrote, saying, you did something close to you and brought something different to the film. For women it’s different: she’s dared to put their problems on public display. We’re talking about the mental health of people is a major issue today, and still some critics dissatisfied. As the Director says about their problems in the family? But these critics were men.

Harvey Weinstein sentence 23 years in prison. You once wrote an article in “the new York times” where he said that they were subjected to harassment from his side during the shooting of “Frida”. What your actions do you consider most important in your life?

Salma Hayek: Yes, I am satisfied that it is not passed with impunity. I’m sure he was surprised by the verdict. Probably, cried out, saying, what have I done? I love the movies. I’m all for movie. But it was such a culture, such behavior was considered almost the norm – it was a reason for admiration between men, if you did something like that and you got away with it. Now everything is clear: this is unacceptable! For men there will be consequences, and for women an opportunity to speak out, to demand respect, and this is very important. I calmed down, closed the topic. I did as he wanted, he got what he wanted – I won. And then I realized that it was very painful for me. And when it became clear that he did it with many women, I realized that she is still a victim. And though I’ve closed this topic, the verdict has stirred up in me a different feeling. In particular, I realized that everything is not divided into black and white. I feel for his daughters, his son, his ex-wives… I realized that I met a lot of these Harvey for his life, and to each I am now different. I have tremendous respect for those women who took a chance and published the sune – I hope that now they can relax, knowing that such actions by men will have consequences, and thanks to them the number of victims of such actions will be reduced. I agree with the court decision, but not blindly rejoice because all is not certain and, frankly, very sad.

What can you say about a series about Evita, who undertook to produce? Both have come to this?

Salma Hayek: We are doing a mini-series called “Santa Evita”. It is based on the book about 16-year-old mystery. This is a real story. When Eva Peron died, her husband’s embalmed body, which… someone stole it. And only 16 years later it appeared, but without hands. It was not in the famous musical “Evita” by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim rice. The book is written by Thomas Martinez. By the way, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who was a close friend of mine, said it is the only book, about which he regrets that he himself wrote it. And now his son Rodrigo garcía – Director of this mini-series. Why we decided to take it off? Because this story shows the obsession men body women. It is a Thriller based on a true story with elements of fiction about what happened with the body and why.