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the Monopoly hold open during the koronautbruddet, and shall also keep open at easter. After Norway closed down 12. march, they have experienced a sharp increase in sales.

The total sales of all types of alcohol have increased by 29 per cent.

red Wine on the salgstoppen

The norwegians are buying by far the most of is red wine – in stock. But also white wine and rosé wine takes off.

the Sale of beer and sparkling on the other hand has gone drastically down during koronakrisen.

The most obvious explanation of it is that both the beer and the “bubbles” is a drink that is enjoyed in social contexts. And them there is the little of for the time being.

– We see that all the alcoholic drink with bubbles of plunging. Both sparkling wine and beer were the salgsvinnere in the last year. But both are drinks like That be picked up in social contexts, ” says head of communications Jens Nordahl in the Vinmonopolet.

state of Emergency

In the weeks after the 12. march has the Monopoly around 2.1 million litres of alcohol each week. An average week in 2019 were sold 1.6 million litres.

when not up against sales in the week before christmas with 5 million alcohol.

But there is a lot of.

the Monopoly explains the increase with that grensehandelen, tax-free sales, and the nightlife went to sleep over the night.

– Then we see that many come to the us to act instead, ” says Nordahl.

In addition, the experience the norwegians a state of emergency with closed schools, kindergartens, workplaces, and many work from home.

– In all sectors of the society written history in these days. Also at Vinmonopolet. We know from the past, as after 22. July and 11. september, that people buy less alcohol during the crises. Yet, we have not experienced similar situations like this before, so it is difficult to say how the outbreak will turn out, ” says Nordahl.

What happens the next few weeks will provide completely new experiences about konsumentatferd, he believes.

– How people behave in the future says a lot about Norway and how the community ticks.

Bragging about your customers

– We sell far more than usual, and we expect to sell more in the days and weeks to come, ” says head of communications Jens Nordahl in the Vinmonopolet

Photo: Vinmonopolet

In Denmark and the united Kingdom, there are empty shelves, after extensive hoarding of alcohol.

It has not happened in Norway, and Vinmonopolet states that they have enough goods to be able to handle the increased sales.

– What we see is that customers buy more per trade. Usually buy each customer, on average, to 2.2 litres, while the customers after the government introduced the powerful koronatiltakene in the last week have bought around 3 litres per shopping trip. It is the equivalent of approximately a bottle more per trade, ” says Nordahl.

He believes that the customers are able to plan trips, and that they may act for others who are in the risk group, and so the weeds away unnecessary shopping trips.

– There is all possible reason to praise our customers for diaphragmatic breathing. They are acting extremely rationally. They help us in fact to a large extent to pull the wagon so that it doesn’t get too many customers in the store at the same time, ” says Nordahl.

While salgstoppene previously was Friday, between the at 16 and 17 and the hour before closing time on Saturday, is handlemønsteret now more evenly spread out over the whole week.

on Tuesday this week increased the visit from the 70.000 as is the usual on a Tuesday to the 90,000 customers. It was also to 30,000 fewer customers visit the doors to our last Friday.

Increases the most close to the svenskegrensene

The Swedish Systembolaget in Strömstad Friday 20.03.20 at 16. No norwegians in the shop because of the closed borders fear for koronasmitte.

Photo: Private

At the Systembolaget in Sweden is the increase in the alkoholsalget on “only” 10 per cent.

Sofia Brännborn in Systembolaget to NRK that it is marked well on the sales that norwegians no longer get to go over the border to shop.

– There are significantly fewer customers in the stores that is close to the border to Norway, ” she says.

Naturally enough, it is vinmonopolene that usually experience handelslekkasje to Sweden, which increases the most.

This applies in particular to the outlets in the old Østfold. As the East side of Fredrikstad, Borg Amfi in Sarpsborg, Halden, Hvaler, and other places that is close to the Swedish border takes.

INCREASED SALES: Deputy chairman Markus Røed at Vinmonopolet in Mo I Rana are experiencing increased sales after the border to Sweden was closed.

Photo: Frank Nygård / NRK

But Nordahl also go up utsalget in Mo I Rana , which usually have large handelslekkasje to Systembolaget in Hemavan – one and a half hour drive from Mo.

– We have increased both in volume and customers, ” says deputy head Mark Røed at Vinmonopolet in Mo I Rana.

Previous he sold 20 per cent more alcohol than the same time last year.

We mark well that grensehandelen has stopped, ” he says.

Also polutsalg farther north and have handelslekkasjer against Finland and the Russian federation tells about a increase.

Not all polutsalgene experience salgshopp. On the so-called “hyttepol”, located at Gol, Geilo, Hemsedal, Beitostølen and Oppdal is the quiet.

open this easter

At easter, keep the shops open as normal. Should it close, it is a political decision.

Nordahl tells us that the Monopoly has a strictly sikkerhetsregime, but a security guard at the front door who makes sure that people keep the necessary distance and only let in a limited number of clients at a time.

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