The upper Valais and the FC Sion. Felt you think it have always had a player from the German-speaking part of the Canton in the squad. The reality is: If Chihadeh runs in the summer for the first Time at FC Thun, he is the first since Raphael Wicky twelve years ago, playing Super League. With Goalie Noah Berchtold, an upper Valais is in the squad of FC Sion. Only the has never played.

“I had not known That, to me, the ‘Walliser Bote’ to the attention of has made,” says Chihadeh (24). “This is of course an honor for me, but still far away. To create at the Moment are only concerned with the SC Kriens in the League.”

just eight goals in the Challenge League

Because Saleh is currently playing at the foot of mount Pilatus. And the successful! Eight times he has taken, and forms, together with Challenge League Topskorer Nico Siegrist, a Top-of-the blucerchiati. Last season he helps to shoot with the Lucerne in the second highest League.

And this season to keep the League, which is why the FC Thun is to be aware of him. Neuland? No, head of sports, Andres Gerber brings back a lost son into the Oberland. Because Saleh was already in the U16 season there and later also in the U21.

As he trained with the first team, sitting in three Games on the bench of the first team. Is not used by coach Urs Fischer. But from the Super League, it won’t work, so he returns to his parent club Naters. For three seasons he kicks in the 1. League, makes 113 games and 53 goals, before Kriens knocks. And now: tuna.

Constantin called Chihadeh on

Why not the FC Sion? “However, the have reported. That was a year ago,” recalls Saleh. “Christian Constantin called me. The current Sion-Coach Christian Zermatten, had been in Naters for a year, my Trainer, had told CC to me. But I said, because I wanted to assert myself first in the Challenge League. Since then, I’ve heard nothing more.”

Chihadeh in Germany, Born in the village of old churches in Bonn. But early on, go back to Palestine, where his parents are coming. Soon the father finds a Job in an electrical company in Naters, which is why the family is dislocated to the upper Valais. Saleh is five and is growing up with this strange dialect that keeps the rest of Switzerland so wonderful.

In Brig opened Saleh, a hairdresser’s salon, is regularly there and cuts hair. “I’m immensely fond of. Especially in the case of my Ex-players of FC Naters.” As a semi-professional in Kriens the. If Saleh goes to Thun, in the evening. Then a full-time professional is made from a Semi -.

“I have my three employees,” he says, completed in Brig, the school for athletes and artists, and its contracts in Kriens and tuna without the consultant negotiated. “These many inquiries from agents were untrustworthy. On Facebook, via WhatsApp, on Instagram, anywhere. I said to myself: I can go this way alone.”

mobilising for Palestine-Nati per WhatsApp

Speaking of WhatsApp, this way he’ll get his first roster for the Palestinian national team (number 99 in the Fifa Rankings) for a match against the Maldives in Jenin in the North of the West Bank.

for the First time since his Childhood, he travels to his home, which is foreign for him. 8:1 to win the Team. Saleh is not used. The experience, however, is huge, the entry and exit, which he alone makes, it a chore.

“one and a Half hours I had to wait, as the one in Tel Aviv, my Arabic name discovered.” This airport Chihadeh had to go, because in the occupied Palestinian territories, the Israelis to the airport.

That was in November of 2017. A year later, Saleh repeatedly in the squad, deployed for the first time in a Test against Pakistan (2:1). Now Switzerland, hopes Israeli-Palestinian dual citizens to other missions that failed to materialize so far. Games in the Super League will change that. Guaranteed.