sales of medical masks in Russia decreased two and a half times in the second week of July compared to mid-may. About this newspaper “Izvestia”, citing data from the DSM Group, which specializiruetsya on the pharmaceutical market research.

According to the study, with 6 to 12 July Russian pharmacies sold 3.8 million packages of protective equipment. The maximum values of this index reached 11-17 may, 9.2 million packs a week. Since the second half of may and throughout June, the demand for protective equipment fell. At this time, the sales ranged from 4.2 to 4.8 million packs of masks a week. At the same time pre-pandemic coronavirus in an average week, the Russians acquired 278 thousand packages.

the Revenue of pharmacy chains also began to fall: in the second week of June, it amounted to 176.4 million, against RUB 443,7 million in the peak period in may. Analysts also noted a decline in prices for masks. Their prices have fallen relative to April, but it remains two times higher than last year. This is because the pharmacy has purchased protective equipment at high prices, so do not hurry to cut their prices.

According to General Director DSM Group Sergey Shulyak, the most obvious reason for falling sales is that Russians are less likely to use them. “Citizens and to mitigate the restrictive measures were in no hurry to wear them, and now in most regions either cancelled mask mode, or it is allowed not to use protection on the street,” he explained.

As the founder of the platform Analytics Facemetric Yuri Godyna, the proportion of people who wear masks in the shops and markets of the capital, fell to 5 percent. During the regime of isolation of the remedies used to from 50 to 80 percent of the citizens, however correctly they were worn only 5-12 percent.