Sale Apple ahead of the entire Swiss watch industry

the Total number of wearable devices shipped last year, it was 45% more than the entire watchmaking industry of Switzerland.

So, Apple sold 31 million smart watches in the past year, according to experts from Strategy Analytics. For the entire Swiss watch industry, which includes such brands as Swatch and rolex, has shipped a total of about 21.1 million units, which is 13% lower than a year earlier.

Strategy Analytics Analyst Neil Mawston says that analogue watches are very popular with the older audience, and young buyers prefer watches with electronic filling. “A mix of attractive design, convenient technologies and applications makes the Apple Watch are wildly popular in North America, Western Europe and Asia”, — said the expert.

Apple did not disclose how many smart watches it sells. In the quarterly report, the company consolidates revenues from sales of smart watches with AirPods headphones, speakers HomePods and other goods. Strategy Analytics has collected data from retail partners and other vendors to obtain sales estimates.

According to experts from Strategy Analytics Stephen Walzer, a traditional Swiss brands are losing the war of smart watches. Apple Watch has deeper penetration in retail channels and enjoy a growing popularity among younger consumers. Swiss watch brands can no longer influence the situation.

In 2018 the Apple Watch have surpassed the Swiss watch industry quarterly sales in 2017, but this is the first full year when the smart watch has surpassed its analog competitor.