Salary expectations

Under the guise of a businessman he called in two of the largest Bank in one of the “hot line” has told that the government allegedly has not yet signed the decree, the other promised to give credit, but only in may. “Drew this to the attention of the banks,” wrote Reshetnikov in Instagram. He did not name the banks. But after his calls for two days the amount of loans issued has doubled, reaching on the morning of April 16, 800 million rubles, told “RG” close to the leadership of the Ministry. The Ministry said that the conduct of daily monitoring, including complaints, business failures, and help the banks as quickly as possible to conclude agreements on the participation in the program.

It is the largest member of the Sberbank reported particularly strong growth in the number of filings in the last days: “Our client managers work during this period at full strength seven days a week to accept all requests from clients”. On 16 April, Sberbank filed more than 3 thousand applications, and 1.3 thousand of them were approved, all other applications work, reported “RG” in the Bank. PSB during the last three days has received more than thousand applications, approved more than 100, the average amount of disbursed program loans in the Bank is 600 thousand.

in fact, the program has earned in the middle of last week, it involves 5 banks, another 25 are connected. Loans it is 75% covered by state guarantees. The credit limit is calculated from the value of the minimum wage (12,1 thousand rbl.) and number of employees. On him have the right to small and micro enterprises, whose code main activity (NACE) came in the government list of the most affected sectors (gradually expanding). On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin instructed to extend this mechanism to medium and large business. However, he noted that getting credit is difficult.

Among the reasons for the failures in the credits under “zero” – not the OKVED, in the absence of the applicant the salary project in Bank (or it opened recently), a small term of activity of the entrepreneur, the presence of debts on payment of taxes, reported business Ombudsman Boris Titov on the results of the run test purchases (rejections received 132 of 158 entrepreneurs).

Many entrepreneurs did not pay attention to the instruction and compliance with NACE, at the same time, work legally, because some of the codes mixed or “borderline”, some of them are now not included in the government list, the letter said onf Reshetnikov. The Ministry of economic development “RG” reported that clarification banks to use “upper-level” NACE (this will expand the circle of potential participants). Titov believes that victims need to recognize all the companies that have revenue for the first quarter fell by 30%, but they have kept the number of groups is not less than 90%.

the CBR has not responded to the request of “RG” about the substanraising the requirement of a salary project in the same Bank that issues the credit. VTB announced the abolition of such claims, payroll cards of employees can be opened in any Bank. PSB also announced that is accepting applications from entrepreneurs who are not his clients. The other surveyed banks did not respond to a request “RG”.