The Federal constitutional court has the salary reduction for a portion of the officers and the judge overturned the interior in Baden-Württemberg. Officials are not obliged to do so, “more than any other to the consolidation of public households to contribute,” said the highest German court in the decision of its decision. It declared the impugned system of Remuneration for the first three years of service in the affected groups null and void.

“A limitation of the principle stated in the amtsangemessenen Stimulus, purely for financial reasons, it comes to handle exceptional situations only if the measure is part of a coherent and comprehensive approach to fiscal consolidation”, the constitutional court. In Baden-Württemberg such a concept is lacking.

the plaintiff in The case since 2013, first as a Prosecutor and later as a judge in the service of the state of Baden-Württemberg. He was awarded for three years to an eight per cent reduction of remuneration. The administrative court of Karlsruhe presented the case to the Federal constitutional court.

The constitutional court has also similar cases from other countries on the table. So, the Federal administrative court in Leipzig at the end of October in Karlsruhe, cases from lower Saxony, the country administrative court of the Saarland, shortly afterwards, a procedure for the payment of judges.