SRF-Moderator Salar Bahrampoori (40) has not seen his Italian truffle dogs Banou and Kiano for months. After the divorce, he had to separate himself from his fluffy best friends. Instead of a custody process to the four-legged friends with his Ex-wife arrive, the SRF-man to the Welfare of the animals.

The process could take, according to Bahrampooris lawyers two to three years. In the “Tages-Anzeiger”, he explains now, he and his Ex-wife would have taken care of alike the animals. They attended dog classes, walked with them and looked for in the leisure of truffles with the dogs. “As a small family, super nice,” he describes.

No visit to control for the common dogs

However, a joint custody of the two dogs came for his Ex-wife is out of the question. Also a visit to the scheme, she refused. Even worse for Bahrampoori: His Ex was not even one of the dogs to a well – Known, however, to him. “You didn’t want to dogs don’t the both of you wanted to hurt me simply,” he explains to the newspaper.

“was staged in The separation on the back of the animals,” says Bahrampoori in retrospect. Today, the presenter has a new girlfriend at his side and a new truffle dog named Liesl. To avoid that you lose his beloved four-legged friend, advises Bahrampoori to an agreement to sign. It should be explained, who takes care of in the event of separation, to the animal. “From the notary, of all infatuation, Despite,” he adds. Because if a Couple does not agree in advance, you must meet with a judge making the decision.

such An agreement has not been signed by the “blaze of glory”-Moderator so far, with his girlfriend, Barbara, and Ruijs (31), however. His Name is in the papers, the little bitch Liesl. However, he stressed: “I would Never take away my partner, the dog. I would never do to her what I had to go through.” After all, there is also separation dogs the Option of a peaceful shared custody. (euc)