There are two types: those who eat salad with Sauce, the other with the Dressing on the salad. To which group they belong, the Topping on the green stuff is important. Otherwise the Whole bland tastes. VIEW has five tasty recipe ideas.

The classic one: Vinaigrette salad sauce

tastes in combination with all sorts of salads.

ingredients (about 4 servings)1Schalotte2 ELWeiss or Rotweinessig3 ELkalte Gemüsebrühe1 TLDijon-Senf5 ELfeinstes Olivenöl2 ELgehackte herbs (such as chives, parsley)a little sugar, a little salt, peel a little pepper


shallots and cut into cubes. Shallots, together with the washed herbs and chop. All the other ingredients with a whisk, mix until everything is creamy is connected. Add scallions-herbs-Mix. The Creamy French salad dressing

A classic sauces, the taste to all salads good.

ingredients (about 1 dl)½Zwiebel½ BundPetersilie2 ELWeissweinessig1 TLSenf1 ELMayonnaise4 ELSonnenblumen or rapeseed oil a little salt a little pepper


peel The onion and then chop. Parsley brush, Pat dry and chop. Then vinegar, mustard, Mayonnaise, onion and parsley mix. The Oil and stir until the mixture is smooth. Season with salt and pepper. The Spicy: Creamy mustard sauce

Fits particularly well with Chinese cabbage or Corn. But with all the salads.

Zutaten½Schalotte (finely chopped)½ TLSenf½ TLGemüsebouillon-Pulver3 splash of liquid seasoning (such as Maggi)3 ELOlivenöl2 ELWeissweinessig3 ELRahm


Everything in a bowl and mix well.The salad on top 10 minutes before Consuming let it drag. The Racy: hot chili sauce

Tastes especially good on watermelon salad with Feta and Avocado, or as a Topping of Broccoli salad.

Zutaten1 TLChilipaste or dried Chiliflocken1 ELHonig1Limette (juice)4 ELOlivenöl2 ELBouillon, abgekühlt2–3 ELApfelessig2kleine chili peppers (chopped)a little salt a little pepper


Everything in a bowl. Then with the stick blender to puree. Depending on the taste with honey (sweet) or Chili (spicy) seasoning. Season with salt and pepper. The Green: Fancy arugula-Sauce

Mundet with lots of salads. Special recommendation: as a garnish for chicken salad with mozzarella balls and arugula.

Zutaten100 gRucola1Schalotte2 ELweisser Balsamico2 ELZitronensaft6 ELOlivenöl1 ELHonigetwasSalzetwasPfeffer from the mill


The rocket wash and dry. Peel the shallot and cut into small cubes chop. Arugula and Shallots together. With balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil and honey in a container where the mass with a rod mixer can be mashed. Season with salt and pepper.