Singer Anna Sedokova told in Instagram that for many years was not confident in myself and aspired to be feminine and beautiful.


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According to the artist, at school she “was ugly and useless duck”, and on the first casting to the group VIA Gra with it “talked for two minutes and turned around”.

“In the 21st year after the birth of a child, I had liposuction. I was told that I’m fat. I’m not feminine and thick. I decided that along with the fat leaves and self-doubt. Fat soon returned, uncertainty is not going anywhere,” he told the star.

Sedokova noted that it took her many years to get rid of complexes and become “beautiful, sexy, desirable and confident woman.”

As reported by “the Rambler”, Anna Sedokova, former soloist of the group VIA Gra. She was married twice and had three children.