chemical bleach damage the hair and make it brittle. You can also irritate the scalp, allergic reactions, or even cause hair loss. It does not need intensive care, so the mane will appear lackluster and dull.

but It is also different. Less damage to a home remedy such as saffron, honey, lemon and chamomile are. In order for the hair to naturally lighten. In the case of bright and dark blonde hair the lightening work home remedies at the best. A darker mane is Red or gold stitches, and the hair overall a bit brighter appearance. Mostly, you see the result in these staining methods are not immediately and have to repeat the Whole thing a couple of Times.

Important after all applications: the hair to maintain! It does not matter whether the hair masks and care products made yourself or bought, the main thing is that the hair is cared for properly.

Three deep conditioner recipes for yourself

make a Lot of money to spend for special hair care is out. The ingredients for effective care to be found that is at home in the fridge.


With saffron, the hair lighten, is not the cheapest method, but an old one. Already before Christ, the Greek have lightened their hair with the precious spice. For the miracle mixture, it doesn’t take much: a Few threads of saffron, half a Liter of water and sun light.

The saffron in water and boil for about 40 minutes, simmer. If the water is cooled, dried, the hair in it soaked and then to the sun. By the light and heat, the effect is amplified.


When honey is heated, it produces the enzyme peroxide. This is a natural hair Brightener. The honey must not be heated above 40 degrees, otherwise the enzyme will be lost. Best suitable for the Brightening liquid honey that has not been treated with heat.

the hair, to lighten it, mix about a tablespoon of honey with a purchased or a homemade hair mask and hair lengths apply. The tips skip, because these take the peroxide stronger, and then appear to be bright. Another possibility: a bit of honey in a glass and put him on a water-bath heat, without exceeding 40 degrees. Then the heated honey is mixed with a little water and Apple cider vinegar and to the hair applied. The mixture should have at least two hours.


lemon juice is probably the most well-known means by which the hair is to brighten up the home. The acidity of the lemon opens the hair scales and dissolves the color pigments Inside. Because the acid acts very aggressively, should be gently dealt with. If the hair is already damaged, do not recommend this method.

instructions: lemon juice with equal amount of water and then to apply on the hair.


chamomile is an ancient medicinal plant. It has antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, but it also is a good way to give the hair a beautiful gold engraving.

About eight tea bags of chamomile tea with one Liter of water and bring to a boil. Then the tea bag, remove and allow the water to cool. If the water is lukewarm, well in the hair and then air dry. The Mix does not need to be washed.