Also today, the public TRANSPORT does not roll in the city of Bern around. Tourists who want to from the Museum Paul Klee to Zytglogge, have to abandon the Bus. Reason: The dismantling work for the formula E-car racing of Saturday last.

The Bus 12, the not driving for days through the city centre, is yet to race the lesser of two Evils, in the considerable criticism of the formula-E -. Because the weekend was for many of the residents in the vicinity of the race track is no more. You had to leave your car – sometimes unexpectedly – in the middle of the home stand.

the industry, which has suffered in the lower old town by the Event, and the inhabitants of the as the “free democratic” force fruit mountain district, through which the E-cars thundered, muckten on.

– determination only on paper

Finally, the residents of their left / green city government, were never asked whether they want the E-Prix Event. This has Bern the citizens ‘ participation big on the Flag. That Bern’s inhabitants at the E-Prix finally had to have a say in anything, is part of the criticism that the government had exceeded its powers.

another: With the environmental requirements, it would not have taken the city and the operator as accurate. The obligation to use reusable dishes, did not seem to apply in the case of formula E to. Moreover, critics are of the opinion that the city government had not possessed the Financial literacy, to approve the Event and did it.

only a few want to Just. Although the SP in the city Parliament is a Power, but the party in the government, you don’t want to criticize. Debt security Director Reto Nause (48, CVP), the pressed together with the city President Alec von graffenried (56, GFL), the Event is anyway. That Nause is in the criticism, it is hardly a coincidence – he has power in the “red-green” Bern, no house.

legal repercussions

The security Director admits also: “There are errors happened, which I regret.” He also admits: “The local residents of the Rennquartiers and the shops in the lower town, shortly before the Event, not sufficiently informed.” Don’t want to excuse it but to explicitly.

He evaluates the E-Prix, as a success. “We had around 130’000 visitors, often families, in the city,” he says. The pictures of the Bernese old town in the Green within the Aare loop were gone – also because of the Rennunterbruchs after a slight accident around the world.

over and done with but the thing is still: The green Bernese veteran Luzius Theiler (78) in the event of an appeal against the approval of the E-Prix, because of alleged excess of authority. He believes in the “red-green” Bern legally more of a success than the political. Nause rejects the criticism of the abuse of authority.