Sacha Massot (36) is the new coach of the Limburg United. The Person walks over from the Hatch, and will replace Brian Lynch (41). What Lynch is doing, it is not yet clear: in a female, and Kim will follow in her return to the WTA circuit, or on a new challenge as a coach? The Problem (38), assistant manager at Hatch, is the new coach of the club and of the fire Place.

Sacha Massot went in Limburg United to a Person (the City) as the team’s coach. The 36-year-old former Belgian Lion (ex-Pepinster, Charleroi, Liège (belgium) from 2018, with a coach, in Liège, belgium. With the club out of the fire Place, facing a bit of financial ups and downs, and has played this season without foreigners. Massot) is a promising young coach, and the generation of Roel Moors (41), Sam Rotsaert (38) , Christophe Beghin (40), and Brian Lynch. “In the difficult conditions, I had a wonderful time in Liège, belgium. A hot club that allowed me as a coach. However, I did have the opportunity to work in their own county, and at an ambitious club like them,” says Sacha Massot. The Problem (38), a former Belgian Lion, is the new coach of the Hatch. He has had over the past two seasons as an assistant Massot, when the people of liège.

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