Sabitova appreciated the words S about not earning anything men

MOSCOW, 25 APR – RIA Novosti. TV presenter rose Sabitova commented in an interview with “Evening Moscow” the statement of the singer Anna Semenovich on that men with a salary of a hundred thousand rubles, “did not earn”.

Earlier, Sobyanin said that can’t live with a man who earns nothing, citing as an example the salary of 100 thousand rubles. The singer explained that he believes a normal relationship in which the partners earn the same, and perfect – where the man earns more.

“How to earn a husband? I like the old Jew answer a question with a question: “who is it?”. Anya has the right to Express their feminine position. But we are talking about relevance in the eyes of men. Where could be she wants?” asked Sabitova.

According to her, the words S. — pride and the path to loneliness. The presenter said that intelligent women don’t “adjust” chosen under the criterion of “wages”, while noting that, in addition to businessmen, the millionaires, there are many decent men.

Sabitova expressed the view that some women, despite a Mature age, continue to rave reality, and added that they can only sympathize.