the Former President of Georgia, and nowadays the head Office of the national Council reform Mikheil Saakashvili stated that Russia is far ahead of Ukraine in the issue of deregulation of the economy and efficiency of the fiscal system. However, he is traditionally accused the Ukrainian bureaucracy, slowness and corruption. Such speech under Poroshenko led to his expulsion from the country. Now the President Zelensky personally invited Saakashvili to reform the economy of Ukraine.

where will it end, not yet known. At the moment, the ex-President of Georgia took up the old for the prosecution authorities that reform the way.

According to the ex-President, Moscow is ahead of Kiev where it is impossible in principle, because the Ukrainian society is much more free than the Russian. However, his reforms not going well. Saakashvili stressed that Ukraine is waging war with two enemies: the first is Russian and the other Ukrainian officials. About this politician said in a video conference with representatives of Ukrainian business.

In particular, the ex-President of Georgia said that Russia has a better tax system, there is a reduction of bureaucracy and so on. In Ukraine, in his opinion, on the contrary, bureaucracy is the enemy of its own people. At the same time he remembered Georgia, which, according to Saakashvili, so ahead of Russia, which Moscow was forced to copy from Tbilisi, some of the reforms.

earlier, Saakashvili was going to do the Prime Ministers of Ukraine. At least he talked about it. His candidacy actually discussed in Parliament, however, a sufficient number of votes in support of it was not. Then Zelensky found his place in the national Council on reforms. Then many decided that the appointment was for Saakashvili honourable link, but the ex-President of Georgia did not let up and constantly makes a loud statement on the topic of how to change Ukraine.

Really all that bad, as Saakashvili says, “MK” has found out from the experts:

Denis Denisov, head of the Institute for peace initiatives and conflict resolution: “the Context in which Saakashvili made his statement very clear. If the Ukraine say that Russia has something better, then in the Republic immediately begin to fix it. All forces will be thrown to eliminate the problem.

Accordingly, Saakashvili in his usual flamboyant manner, trying to attract attention to their activities. He specifically makes Ukraine hurt, so that she began to respond. With regard to the real situation, the problems are everywhere, just they were his.”

Taras Kozub, Ukrainian political analyst: “According for 2019, Ukraine was on place 64 in the ranking of Doing Business. Russia was the 28th. I love�� to leave on Frank conversation with business representatives. However, he deliberately raises the stakes. Including in public relations helps him Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal.

it is Noteworthy that the head of the government has previously worked on the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, and Saakashvili appears regularly on the television channels. However, this does not mean that the ex-President of Georgia found himself a sinecure and is going to get there in the role of Yes-men one of the richest people of Ukraine. On the contrary, while it shows a revolutionary commitment. And it seems that only the case of time, when Saakashvili attacked the officials.

overall, Ukraine has indeed lost a lot of time talking about reforms. But this feature of the Ukrainians – we love to talk, and to the case often does not reach. In this political cycle we have a short.

as a result, reform of the “spoke”. But saved the chain of corruption. For example, change managers, in their place come new, and the schema remain the same, they literally take over. According to some estimates, up to 40% of the Ukrainian economy is in shadow. No Ukrainian whose family member does not receive a salary in an envelope. Ideally, Saakashvili needs to deal with all this. However, he is a big Ukrainian – loves to talk.”