if you are a phd candidate, FC Cologne, and they are also on the transfer of Sebastian Bornauw have never regretted. After that, the 21-year-old defender last summer for six million euros, has been acquired by RSC Anderlecht, stronger and he is in Cologne, right at the base, then finished his debut season in the Bundesliga, already has expanded to sterkhouder in the back.

It doesn’t help him here and there in comparison to the current agent Daniel Van Buyten, who will be a high point at the time, lived in the Club, in turn to PERFORMANCE (2004 and 2006) and the “Bayern” of Munich (2006-2014).

“I do, however, still have a long way to go”, meaning Bornauw of the equation on the website of the Club. “It’s hard to be myself with him, to be comparable, given the career he has had. Of course, it is always an honor to be with him as as compared to to be. I have admired Daniel greatly, for his career and the person he is now, for me, it is. I would like to, however, particularly in my own career and business.”

Photo: AFP

In the 25 days of this season in the Bundesliga, appeared Bornauw 21 at the kick-off. Cologne’s are running smoothly in the middle of the table, at the termination of the competition, the previous month was the club’s tenth place. In Germany, there is a focus on the 9th may in the case of a return, albeit behind closed doors. “I’m enjoying every moment on the field, and now I realize that even more. I am glad that I made the Season good. The fitting was very easy, especially since I’m right at home, too. It’s great to be back in Germany and in this cup is a marvellous club to play for.”

as The competition in the Bundesliga is, however, often of a heavy kind of person. “The most difficult opponent? Robert Lewandowski’s. He is so smart. You can see him for ten minutes, and then, suddenly, it dive into your back. He has only one chance needed to score a goal, and that is its strength.”

it’s also Bornauw it can be offensive for a while. This is proved by the five goals he has this season in the league, then again. This was the defender’s second topschutter in Cologne, only for the Colombian Jhon Córdoba to do with the ten pieces is better. “The explanation is simple: in the childhood I played as a forward. However, there is also some luck involved. To me, scoring is not the most important thing, however, if there is a clear is, can I have a chance.”

we are Currently in the Bundesliga is because of the coronapandemie, at least until april 30, is still. “It’s hard not to be able to play. I’m going to miss the practices and games, so I hope that we will see you soon, the fans will be able to show it. In the meantime, I will follow through with the club-imposed training program.”