If the European countries will support the US line and will accuse Russia of violating the Treaty on open skies and nominate the same as Washington, claims and conditions, then the chances of the preservation agreement will not be, said Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

"Now we have a multiplicity of options on the table. If the Europeans are interested in this, because the Treaty, in General, the most important element of European security system as we know it in recent decades, then perhaps there is some resource to work in favor of solving the problems," Ryabkov said during an online lecture for the participants of the Fund for public diplomacy support. Gorchakov.

"But the work can also be different. If we, for example, from one or another country will hear it, deeply concerned by the European security and seeking to contribute to its strengthening and preservation of the Contract, tell us that the Russian Federation should accomplish all of what we were told by the Americans, then no chance at all. If some have other approaches, let us to consider them, to discuss, we are open to this and the upcoming conference of States parties will probably be one of the best sites for this kind of work", – said Ryabkov.