“We have now delved into the analysis of the different options, our position is free, we have nowhere to hurry,” – said Ryabkov.

the US Administration is on a template, worked at the exit from the INF Treaty, noted in the foreign Ministry. The important thing is to press charges against Russia to cover up its destructive actions. Voiced on the American side claims the Russian side has repeatedly said – publicly and in various diplomatic formats.

According to estimates by diplomats, surprise at Moscow’s decision in Washington is not caused. It fits perfectly into the line at the destruction of the whole complex of agreements in the field of arms control and confidence-building measures in the military field.

Russia is open to dialogue, but only to the equitable, aimed at mutual interests and concerns. But Washington is not configured, but prefers to go to out of the contract. That is deeply regrettable, because the European security caused considerable damage, points out the Russian foreign Ministry.