First zampolpreda of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky explained why Russia abstained in the Security Council (SC) of the UN. This writes TASS.

According to the diplomat, Russia’s refusal to support a resolution on extending cross-border aid to Syria is associated with dissatisfaction with the drafting process of Germany and Belgium. “We are disappointed, as the authors of the resolution carried out the process of reconciliation,” he explained.

Polanski added that Russia had originally proposed to leave open only one checkpoint on the border with Turkey, but the authors of the document insisted on keeping two. While the Chairman assured that all parties could come to the current results sooner.

Before the UN security Council adopted a resolution to extend for a year cross-border aid to Syria. The project was supported by 12 members of the security Council. Three more countries, including Russia, abstained from voting. This meeting became the fifth attempt of the security Council for a week to extend the cross-border humanitarian operations.

The mode of delivery of humanitarian aid from neighboring States through the front lines and the border crossings into Syria in force since July 2014.