the Russians cautioned against loans from the “black lenders.” The borrower can lose your money and even lose their real estate, told RIA Novosti President of the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA), expert of the financial literacy project of the Russian Finance Ministry Elman Mehdiyev.

According to Mehdiyev, offices of “black creditors” are located close to the offices of legitimate companies. Loan in this “office” place just, you can not confirm your income and not even sign a contract. Lenders offer to take a pledge passport and other documents of the borrower and the guarantor. However, citizens issuing such a loan is very high.

“Often as collateral to a contract for the sale and purchase of real estate or a vehicle borrower with an open date. There were cases when a natural person is issued a credit card, which also remains a “Deposit” and where “illegals” get money from the banks,” — said the expert.

According to Mehdiyev, such lenders cannot provide loans. However, the lack of a unified law on the protection of the rights of consumers of financial services, provides “many opportunities of obtaining money from the population.”

the Expert added that the illegal lender is identified. All “white” creditors need to be listed in the state register of the Bank of Russia and banks to be licensed. If the company calls itself a MFI, but does not appear in the registry, it is worth pondering, concluded Mehdiyev. He recommended that those who are faced with such organizations to refer not only to law enforcement agencies, but also with the Bank of Russia. According to him, this can significantly speed up the process of detection of illegal activities and sanctions against such companies.

In may, the epidemic of the coronavirus have prompted the activity of so-called “black lenders.” The Central Bank recorded a growth of activity of illegal Forex dealers that advertise their services. The Central Bank warned that people who have trusted their money to such companies almost always lose their money.