rafting in Kostroma region became one of the most popular tourist destinations of this season. Having been in this journey on the river Meuse, I was talking with the organizer of active holidays on the water Igor Rumyantsev.

“the Coronavirus has made adjustments to people’s behavior. After spending a few months locked up, they rethink their attitude to rest, – said Igor. In my opinion, the best recreation – active: with family, with children, outdoors. People are looking for romance! Most of them go camping not to “eat and drink”, namely “the mist and the smell of the taiga”.

And it’s time once again actively to develop it. According to Igor, previously only on the territory of the Kostroma region there were about hundreds of officially marked Hiking and water routes. In each municipality there was a specially equipped Parking with sheds, firewood and they were all marked on the maps. Their condition was monitored by the municipalities. Now all was desolation. Restoring trails deal only enthusiasts-singles.

Igor Himself ten years ago bought a boat with a motor over the summer he and his family “walked” 15 rivers of the Kostroma region. Then bought a kayak. Wife did not want. But when I first went on it – motor was not necessary. And for five years it did not start.

the family has a tradition – every year they go on hikes, float down the water. “Once we decided to join friends – still a fan of Hiking. And we got four more boats. People found out about our trips began to join us, to take boats for rent”.

to paddle once a year, not everyone is ready to buy a boat with the kit for 50 thousand rubles. And if you buy – where would you keep it? How to bring? And then someone from the alloy will take? How to carry things: bags, tents, kayaks?

“I realized that I can help people to solve all these issues,” – explains his choice Rumyantsev. During a one-day rafting on the Kostroma region rent a triple kayak costs a family of tourists in five thousand roubles. And establish a business kayaking and organizing events in the nature Igor Rumyantsev helped pioneer the experience. After the end of the historical-pedagogical faculty for two years he worked a counselor in “Artek”. Then for many years was engaged in organization of leisure in Kostroma House of creativity young and in the Committee on youth Affairs.

where are the alloys, quite deaf. For most of the segments of the path is completely missing mobile connection. As they say, “take the paddle and rest from all their gadgets.” Around – only old trees and animal tracks. On the trail it is evident that this stone to water down the moose, and the fallen pine – boar.

While the travelers three hours floating down the river, “pioneer leader” Rumyantsev on the car carrying their backpacks, supplies and camp guitars to a clearing about ten kilometers downstream, which is equipped with a mini dock.

In the meadow cozy bonfire, stretched awning from rain and installed Hiking bath all ready for cooking Hiking buckwheat and kebabs. After a picnic minibuses are return travelers to the city.

“Why do people need an organizer in the campaign? He’s already found a route, knows the river, all of its pitfalls – says Igor. – Before inviting somewhere people, you yourself repeatedly going through the route, making track, cut out fallen trunks. Consider timing, logistics, garbage collection is necessary. If you go to a strange place, sometimes for three days easy access to the river looking for! For example, on the White river Luh at 80 kilometers are only four normal clearing. That people came and got the pleasure of a holiday is a big invisible they work. The holiday is serious business! And the more serious the preparation are, the better it turns out.”

According to Rumyantsev, organize leisure and business in nature from scratch is not easy. In addition to the development of convenient and safe routes, you need to invest in the purchase of equipment. And this for each group of 8 to 18 people – at least half a million rubles.

the kayak need life jackets, paddles, raincoats, skirts to protect the rowers from the spray. For the transportation of boats, you need a reliable trailer, picnic – camp furniture and tents. Without a good customer base for promotion of trails in social networks may take many years.

“I spent the whole year preparing alloys, – says Igor. -First of all just watched. Was a kind of warm-up. And then, when went to one friend, another mother-in-law, boss – go “sales funnel”. Word of mouth worked. I have purchased six boats can accommodate up to 18 people.”

In the work of Rumyantsev helps son proud. In my 12 years boy confidently handle all tourist equipment, knows the trails and feels on any river like a fish in water. “If not lazy, the day on two alloys I can earn up to 60 thousand rubles”, – reveals the Economics of the business Igor.

“Very happy, when I come family with kids, he continues. – When parents in the way stories, teach kids to enjoy the clean air, the beauty of the river. Show you how to collect pine cones how to dry wet clothes. This is very important! In Norway, for example, teenagers specially planted on the island with a small backpack – learn survival in nature.”

Igor really wanted to municipalities has revived the popular routes, cleaned trails, taught safe behavior in nature. The epidemic will end, but interest hikes are not going anywhere.

“I’m sorry, that the urban station of tourists has been closed for 15 years, my interlocutor continued. – Children ��o one teaches us how to kindle a fire, how to work with the axe, as is elementary to wash my hands, cook camp porridge or to escape from ticks. But it’s not corporate with the tutor, and the school of life, a great experience”.

by the Way, at first Igor has offered to organize the alloys of the committees on sports and youth Affairs. But it is not supported. “And the idea is that mass tourism would have to revive,” – said my interlocutor.

According to Igor Rumyantsev, “in order to organize basic camping, not necessarily water, it is now necessary to be a million documents. The clearing process from ticks. To find a place where to get firewood, and this is to hold a tender in the village! Trails must be marked, water – checked by Rospotrebnadzor, the route – approved by the MOE. Plus medical help”.

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