Russians massively began to prepare for the cold weather and buy winter clothes. About this ” Newspaper. ” was reported in the press service of the Avito platform.

According to the information, in August of this year, the demand for warm outerwear increased sharply. For example, sheepskin coats began to be bought more often by 75 percent than in July. On the platform, its average price is four thousand rubles.

In addition, buyers have become more interested in fur coats: their sales increased by 53 percent compared to July. On average, this type of outerwear can be purchased for 10 thousand rubles. At the same time, winter jackets, the average cost of which is 1,700 rubles, began to be bought 2.2 times more often than in July.

The demand for winter shoes also increased: there were 10 percent more ads for the sale of warm boots, and they began to buy them 90 percent more often than in July.

In August, the editors of the Who What Wear portal named the most fashionable shoes of autumn and winter 2021. For example, the selection includes Cossack boots in a cowboy style, which go well with both jeans and summer dresses. In addition, classic Chelsea shoes remained on trend.