against the background of the pandemic coronavirus among Russian tourists has increased dramatically the demand for tours in Sochi. About it reported on the portal of the Association of tour operators of Russia.

Requests for vacation in Sochi began to arrive EN masse immediately after the abolition of quarantine in the Krasnodar region on June 21.

According to experts, the number of rounds exceeds the sales figures in the same period last year. The growth in demand may continue if other countries did not abolish restrictions imposed for Russian tourists on the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus infection.

it is Noted that the surge in the popularity of the resort was promoted by such factors as the opening of points of a public catering and tourist display. Also played a role in the cancellation of the new rules at check-in in local motels, in particular, need to present the certificate on absence of COVID-19.

Earlier in ATOR reported that the weekly tours around the country with a stop in the period from July 7 to 10, steel is cheaper compared to the year 2019 is 12%. So, the most popular tourist destinations became Kaliningrad, Crimea, Altai, Baikal and Krasnodar Krai.

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