Russians are waiting for new weather anomalies in February

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

Forecasters warned the Russians about the new weather anomalies expected in February. This is the website of the center weather “Phobos”.

According to meteorologists, the second month of the year likely won’t bring a cold snap. It is expected that the positive anomaly in January will be replaced by more warm temperatures in February and March.

it is Noted that the cold background temperature is just waiting for the North-East of the country.

“the rest of the territory residents are again waiting for the unseasonably warm weather, on average, two to four degrees above normal,” – said in the message.

In Siberia and the European part of Russia are expected to be even more serious deviations from weather norms, particularly in the regions of the back thaw. The temperature will go back to normal only at the end of March.

forecasters Also assured that winter this year will end with a powerful warming.

Earlier it was reported that this January could be the warmest in 200 years. The indices of the columns of the thermometers exceeds the norm by 10 degrees. In addition, this January is warmer by 3-4 degrees than usually happens in March.

Also, experts predicted a “pink” Feb. It was said that the temperature in the Central regions of Russia in February will exceed climatic norm by half to four degrees.

Meteorologists predicted “pink” February

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