the Doctor Tatyana Romanenko advised Russians not to wear ties and stockings in hot weather. She announced this on air of radio station “Moscow speaking”.

the Therapist explained that extreme changes in temperature can adversely affect human health. In order to avoid the consequences Romanenko recommends that the Russians to optimize your mode of heat transfer through the selection of the right outfits. According to her, the clothes should be light and made of cotton.

“In such hot days is to abandon strict dress codes, give yourself some relief men do not wear ties, and women not to wear stockings”, — said the doctor.

the Specialist explained that in Moscow, the heat is transferred heavier than in many other regions due to high humidity. It is noted that people who live in Central Asia, more adapted to temperature changes.

on 25 June the Russians warned about the increased solar radiation and explained its danger. According to Dr. Julia Galliamova, the sun’s rays damage skin cells, which can lead to the development of cancer. In this regard, she advised daily applied to the skin SPF cream.