The Russian researcher Denis Rebrikow wants to genetically produce changes in babies. A report of the magazine “Nature” that he wants to HIV-infected women to use embryos which he wants to have protected by genetic engineering against infection with the Aids pathogen. He would be according to the Chinese scientists He Jiankui the second person who is known to such ethically highly controversial experiments. Rebrikow would like to begin the Experiments in the best case, this year, will, however, wait for other than his Chinese colleague – a permission of the authorities.

He Jiankui had announced in November last year, the birth of two genetically modified babies, whose genetic material he had manipulated before. He also called the protection against HIV infection as a Motivation for his Attempts. Internationally, these experiments caused great indignation. In Switzerland, the USA and many other countries, such manipulations are prohibited in the human genome, because the risks are as yet hardly be estimated, and changes to subsequent generations.

“want to make it a surprise, but very disappointing,”

Rebrikow who works at the National Medical research center for obstetrics, gynecology and perinatal medicine “Kulakov” in Moscow, like his predecessor, He Jiankui the Gene called CCR5 function. The Gene formed Protein is used by the HI-virus in the vast majority of cases, as a portal of Entry for infection of the cells. Rebrikow don’t want to offer according to the “Nature” of the treatment of women, the response to HIV Standard therapy and a higher risk of passing on the infection to their children.

Rebrikow claims his slightly modified technology offer greater benefits, mountains less risk than He Jiankui used. It was ethically justifiable and for the General Public of acceptable. The Russian Academy of Sciences, however, ethical concerns, as several Russian media reported. Rebrikow have met according to their own information with an HIV-centre in Moscow, an agreement to come to with HIV-infected women in contact, say it in the “Nature”report.

“The technology is not yet so far,” said Jennifer Doudna, one of the Mitentwicklerin the Genschere Crispr/Cas 9, used by both researchers for their manipulation, or want to use. “It is not surprising, but it is very disappointing and disturbing.” (SDA/noo)