Russian virologists warned of necrosis of the brain due to a coronavirus

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Professor of Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great Andrei Kozlov said that can cause the extinction of entire sections of the brain.

According to him, the pathogen Wuhan pneumonia, is able to penetrate the blood brain barrier and directly destroy brain tissue.

Already there were descriptions of cases where COVID-19 had contracted necrotizing encephalopathy — critical failure of the main organ of the Central nervous system.

While the coronavirus can cause neurological complications, it is not damaging the lungs. Testifying about that this symptom is loss of smell.

As stated to the newspaper “news” the employee of Institute of biology, Tyumen state University Nikolay Karpov, to cause encephalopathy is not the only coronavirus, and influenza and other ARVI and herpes.

Expert of the League of nation’s health Mehman Mammadov added that the pathogen capable of attacking the entire body. This particularly adversely affects the cardiovascular system.

Scientists have previously studied the cat scans of people infected with coronavirus passenger liner Diamond Princess and found the lung recover from COVID-19 without symptoms.

According to the latest world health organization (who), the number of registered cases of infection with coronavirus in the world is 1 353 361. For all the time died 79 235 people.

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